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Founded in 1982, Mukuba Pension Trust is the leader and the oldest occupational pension scheme in Zambia providing a fresh and innovative approach to pension services. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value. Mukuba Pension Trust also offers commercial property for rent and a variety of investment products with high returns in short, medium and long term investments strategies.

Pensions in Kitwe, Zambia

Mukuba Pension Trust offers two pension schemes including Defined Contribution (DC) and Defined Benefit (DB). These schemes ensure that the preference of both employee and employer are accommodated. The flexibility in the contribution rates for DC Scheme has the advantage of meeting the employer and employee budgets.
  • Administers two schemes; Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution
  • Oldest and largest occupational pension scheme in Zambia
  • Preference of employee and employer are accommodated

Mukuba Pension Trust is involved in every stage of a member’s life from the day he/she starts his/her pension contributions. Their ultimate objective for any member of their scheme is to replace a monthly salary income with a monthly pension at the point of retirement. With this in mind their pension payments are always processed on time, every time.

Defined Contribution

This pension scheme operates like an investment, it does not guarantee a specific level of benefits at retirement. The retirement package is dependent on how much an individual contributes into the scheme, the subsequent investment performance and the annuity rates secured at retirement.

Individual contributions are comprised of the employer contribution and employee contribution rates. Contribution rates are very flexible and vary among employers with the minimum rates pegged at 5% employee and 5% employer. This scheme has the following advantages;

  • Offers retirement savings
  • The return on accumulated fund credit is higher than making an individual bank savings
  • Pension is separate from employer and hence not affected by employer specific risks
  • Secure refund of both employer and employee contributions plus interest

Defined Benefit

This is a pension scheme which is usually for staff on permanent and pensionable conditions of service. The pension package is defined using a specified formula used to calculate the pension at retirement. In this scheme, the retirement package is based on your salary and the number of years you have contributed to the scheme.

This scheme however, has been closed to new entrants/signings and is currently dedicated to serve the existing scheme members who joined before it was closed off. The scheme has the following benefits;

  • Life pension
  • Tax free lump sum package
  • Pension payable to the widow/er, children of the deceased member

Investment in Kitwe, Zambia

Mukuba Pension Trust is a company that prudently invests funds in businesses with high returns. In short term, medium term and long term investments strategies, the pensioner’s life is in their mind and this has been proven through consistency in high bonuses and increments given to pensioners.
  • Equity, real estate, money market
  • Government bonds and corporate bonds
  • Collective investment schemes with highly rated organisations

Mukuba Pension Trust offers a wide range of services for all customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities. This company is committed to providing its clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. Each dedicated manager is available to help clients carefully understand their goals and obtain advice on the right product mix.

Commercial property in Kitwe, Zambia

Mukuba Pension Trust has invested in commercial, industrial and residential properties. All properties are in prime areas and offer secure parking spaces and security facilities, including 24 hours security guards in residential homes and CCTVs in commercial buildings. Your safety is of key importance to Mukuba Pension Trust, as you rent their property.
  • Properties are regularly maintained
  • Water reticulation facilities always in place
  • Spacious residential and commercial spaces

At all times Mukuba Pension Trust endeavor to keep its real estate investment and facilities in good shape to acceptable highest standards. The company focuses on exceeding the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and great value. Mukuba Pension Trust ensures all commercial property needs of clients are met to make sure clients are satisfied and pleased with their commercial property services always.


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