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M&F Packaging Industries is one of the leading producers of polyethylene plastic sheeting, household plastics, conduit pipes, air vents and accessories in Zambia. The company manufactures the bulk of its products from recycled plastic, making it a very environmentally friendly enterprise. It is an authorised reseller of ZALCO copper cables and cathodes and supplies a wide range of electrical products such as sockets, switches, combination plates and modular frames.

Building materials in Lusaka, Zambia

M&F Packaging Industries supplies building products at very competitive prices. The company’s product range includes flush doors, tile fix, brick force, con force wire, air vents, PVA paint and black polyethylene sheeting for waterproofing and moisture prevention in building construction.
  • Competitive prices
  • Leading producers in Zambia of household plastics
  • Leading producers in Zambia of polyethylene plastic sheeting

Flush doors

The company distributes flush doors which make ideal interior doors because they provide good insulation and strength. The front and back faces are covered with MDF board.

Tile fix

M&F Packaging Industries supplies quality tile fix suitable for floor and wall tiles in shower rooms and other wet rooms.

Brick force and con force

M&F Packaging Industries offers brick force and con force for structural strength and crack control. The standard product range come in different wire diameters and finished product widths.

Black polyethylene sheeting

M&F Packaging Industries produces black polyethylene plastic for building purposes. Polyethylene plastic is used as a membrane for waterproofing and moisture prevention before pouring concrete in all domestic, commercial and industrial construction.

Air vents

M&F Packaging manufactures air vents for construction applications. These integrate with standard block work and are used for air circulation within a building.

PVA paints

Popular PVA paint is suitable for most house painting work – both internal and external. Choose from M&F’s range of colours. Ideal for builders, or individuals wanting to give their home a lift.

Products include

  • Tile fix
  • Brick force
  • Con force
  • Black polyethylene plastic
  • Polyethylene sheeting
  • Air vents
  • PVA paints

Electrical supplies in Lusaka, Zambia

M&F Packaging Industries supplies quality electrical conduit fittings for the construction industry, food processing sector and dairy industries. It also provides rigid PVC conduit pipes and fittings to cover and protect exposed electric wires. The company also has a good stock of electrical cables, switches and sockets.
  • Quality electrical conduit fittings
  • Conduit pipes and fittings
  • Electrical cables, switches and sockets

Rigid PVC conduit pipes are ideal for utilities and communication lines, industrial and residential buildings, transportation systems, and water and waste water treatment plants.

Electrical cables

M&F Packaging Industries provides a good range of electrical cables:

  • Medium voltage cable
  • Control flexible cable
  • PVC cable
  • Rail cable – signalling and telecom
  • Power and general wiring cable
  • Bus cable
  • Belden alternative cable
  • High voltage cable

Switches and sockets

M&F Packaging Industries stocks different switches and sockets. The company also provides decorative switches and sockets which are available in different colours. The company’s range of switches covers everything from dimmers to multi-light switches. Switches and sockets include:

  • Weatherproof switches and sockets
  • Metal clad switches and sockets
  • Grid wiring
  • Modular frames and accessories
  • Combination plates
  • RCD sockets and spurs


Plumbing fixtures and fittings in Lusaka, Zambia

M&F Packaging Industries is one of the leading providers of plumbing products including above and below ground drainage products, and plastic plumbing underfloor heating systems. The company offers plastic piping system solutions to deliver pipes that carry water, air, energy, telecoms and chemicals.
  • CPVC piping systems for both hot and cold water systems
  • Hose pipes for domestic and industrial applications
  • A range of sewer pipes and fittings for waste water reticulation

Over the years, this company has become one of the leading manufacturers of polypipes, vertical tanks, PVC pipes, reinforced and hose pipes, CPVC for both hot and cold water, and sewer pipes and fittings.

Vertical tanks

M&F Packaging Industries supplies vertical tanks used for the storage of water, fertilisers, chemicals and most other liquids. They are available in a choice of colours to suit home colour schemes. These highly versatile tanks can be used for the bulk storage of

  • Water
  • Liquid fertiliser
  • Waste vegetable oil
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Car wash tanks

Vertical plastic and poly storage tanks can also be supplied with clear plastic walls for level viewing. These are equipped with gallon indicators.

CPVC for both hot and cold water

M&F Packaging Industries provides CPVC piping systems for both hot and cold water systems. A full range of pipes and fittings are available in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ sizes. CPVC pipes are produced from a special blend of material with the physical properties necessary to withstand high temperatures. This in turn makes them suitable in all domestic and commercial applications.

Advantages of CPVC:

  • Long lasting
  • Cost effective (third of the cost of alternative piping systems)
  • Lightweight makes it easy to transport and store
  • Durability
  • Easier to work with and install
  • Cleaner and healthier as CPVC does not corrode like metal does
  • Less maintenance and repairs can be done much easier as no threading is involved
  • Installation is as simple as gluing the edges and putting it together

PVC plumbing pipes

M&F Packaging Industries provides versatile PVC plumbing pipes that are cost-effective and can be used many piping applications. PVC plumbing pipes have the advantage of being fully compatible with standard PVC pipe, fittings and valves, corrosion resistant, non-conductive, bacteria resistant, lightweight and easy to handle and install.

Reinforced hose pipes

M&F Packaging Industries provides hose pipes widely used for drawing and conveying water, oil and powder in factories, agriculture, engineering, food processing factories and sanitation lines. The hose used for foodstuffs is made of special materials that are non-toxic, light, without odour and transparent. This hose can be used for conveying milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods.

Sewer pipes and fittings

M&F Packaging Industries supplies sewer pipes and fittings that are built with all new materials. These products are extra strong to resist crushing and consistently sized for fast precision assembly. The manufacturing process ensures protection against leaks. M&F Packaging Industries offers several sizes and types of sewer pipes and fittings. The smooth internal surface prevents harmful flow resistance. No special tools or skills are needed to install the piping.

Products include

  • Vertical water tanks
  • CPVC hot and cold water pipes
  • PVC plumbing pipes
  • Hose pipes – reinforced green and standard blue
  • Sewer pipes and fittings
  • PP compression fittings for polypipes


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