Agents vetting

Property (Africa) Trusted (‘PAT’) – Agent

A ‘PAT’ Agent – What It Means

We at Property Africa (and in Zambia trading as would have required further proof of identity of, and from such an agent.

This additional verification helps us to assure and secure visitors to our website.

This also helps all parties including the agent especially as most property deals may get done more confidently and faster with agents who have been additionally vetted.

How to be a ‘PAT’ Agent

When requested, supply the following original or certified copy of:

  1. PACRA Business Name Registration or Company Incorporation Certificate
  2. At least TWO of the following: Current Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT registration, TPIN registration, acceptable Utility Bill (not older than 2months) and rental agreement
  3. Evidence of Zambia Institute of Estate Agents accreditation.

Once considered and approved, the agent is accorded the recognition on our sites initially for 6 months.  We will continue to work to improve ways to improve the security of the sector.


We NEED this information to satisfy the need to grow concrete confidence in the sector and to enable buyers, sellers transact in a safer and secure and confident environment.  We think this will help business grow.


The classification as a ‘PAT’ Agent does not in any way translate or constitute our affiliation, endorsement or guarantee of the agent’s actions, intentions or business practise. It is considered prudent to assure yourself adequately before making any commitment towards and with any parties including agents.