Selling or Renting Property in Zambia: Estate Agent vs Private

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Zambia’s No.1 Property Market-Place – 10 Reasons

Here’s Why: Secure & Simple to Use.  Designed to support Agents, Owners & stakeholders Tools for ZIEA Agents to identify themselves PLUS our own additional inbuilt security… Read more »

300 Kwacha Promo! … ACT NOW! … Closes 11th Dec 2017!

ZMW 300 Promo expires 11/12/2017!

Property Partners – Business Angels – Venture Capital – Investors – All welcome

PARTNERS WELCOME! In the Zambian property space, serious property owners, real estate agents really should be hooking up with sites like which offers: FREE PROPERTY ADVERTS… Read more »

5 Ideas to Improve Your Zambia Business & Finances Today!

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