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This educational IT solutions provider partners with institutions around the world to meet the needs of students, faculty and administrators. Astria Learning offers the robust Astria Digital Library with over 170,000 books and other academic resources. The Astria LMS enables institutions to manage and deliver engaging content and activities to learners online. The Astria Campus Management System is also available with many features to manage overall campus processes.


Online learning management system in Lusaka, Zambia

Astria learning provides a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) that is designed to help manage all learning activities systematically and develop the learning of your students and faculty. The Astria LMS encourages communication and can be accessed through a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Manage and track students learning
  • Students stay active and study from anywhere
  • Consolidate all learning information in one system


By using the cloud based E-library your students will have knowledge on the go. The E-library system is a trusted digital repository whose mission is to provide reliable, long term access to managed digital resources to academic communication.

Manage and track students learning

Astria LMS allows you to automate the administrative tasks of tracking courses in a catalog, recording and tracking students data, charting a students progress and delivering elearning to students.

The LMS is a highly interactive platform that can also use video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom environment wherein participants interact face to face with the professor by asking questions.

Reduce learning costs

Astria’s Learning Management System reduces administrative costs in various ways, such as enabling the cost-savings of e-learning (less or no travel, more work time available and lower teaching costs).

High emphasis on security

The LMS is built with considerable emphasis on security and has many enterprise security features in place to protect their clients. The security algorithms ensures that only authorised learners can access the system for the courses and reports that they are entitled to.

Any breach or unauthorised logins can be detected by the system and duly reported. The data that resides on the cloud is also protected and can be securely accessed by the authorised users, your institution’s data is backed up every 24hrs.

Campus management system in Lusaka, Zambia

The Astria Campus Management System (ACMS) provides user friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non teaching staff, students and management personnel of your institution. The modules available in ACMS facilitate all the processes of institutions, from admission of new students to graduating students when they complete their studies.
  • Easy to manage all aspects of your institution from one platform
  • Broadcasts emergency notifications to staff, parents and students
  • Availability of information from a single source

Modules available in the Astria Campus Management System include:

  • Courses and batches
  • Timetable
  • Student admission
  • School/event calendar
  • Employee/teacher login
  • SMS alerts
  • Human resources
  • Examinations
  • News management
  • Finance
  • Student/parents login
  • Student attendance
  • Multiple dashboards
  • User management
  • Student information
  • Messaging system

Availability of information from a single source

Designed with an objection to decentralise administration, the ACMS allows you to store and make available information as an integrated system. This increases the functional efficiency of an institution and improves timely decision making processes at all levels.

Notification system and announcement

Through SMS, Astria Campus Management System easily broadcasts emergency notifications to staff, parents and students. It also publishes non emergency announcements through email and or the news/announcement module.

Data driven

With custom driven data codes, administrators can manage all information about their schools. Operators can as well quickly create new data fields that are unique to their environment in the ACMS.

Post implementation training

Astria Learning offers a number of training and support sessions as well as resources for administrators, teachers and staff to ensure effective use of the ACMS. This will help maximise your schools return on investment and user adoption.

Learning systems consultants in Lusaka, Zambia

Astria Learning has a robust continuing training program and support sessions to make it easy for clients, faculty and staff members to confidently use their solutions effectively. They essentially become an extension of the institution and work closely with the IT department to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Improve system buy-ins
  • Increase staff usage
  • Reduce “the new system learning curve”

Their team pays attention to each client and actively works towards the growth of the clients institution. They train teachers overseeing the program on the tools and components of the Astria Learning systems. The training will help empower them and increase system usage.

Astria Learning currently manages E-learning programs for 203 institutions in 8 different countries around the world. The company pride themselves in offering sustainable IT solutions to help its clients grow.

CONTACT:+260 211 296036

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